Five Workout Routines I Absolutely HATE!

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So one of my goals for 2018 is to exercise more and eat right. I didn’t start working on actualizing this goal until the first half of the year was almost over. I have a lazy, procrastinating streak so that’s not a surprise and my love for food is out of this world. Anyhoo, I took one look at the mirror in the beginning of July and noticed that I had acquired extra rubbers in my midriff region damn it!! I knew the time had come to get my goal on track. I got my workout gear and hit the gym. I am still pushing myself and although I feel sore (a good kind of sore), there are still a few exercises I just hate doing. Here are my top five.

    1. Jumping jacks: Its supposed to be easy. I mean what’s difficult in jumping with your arms and legs apart and landing with them closed. But midway into this routine and my calf muscles start screaming. Aaaargh. I hate it cause its easy but fucking painful.
    1. Squats: Yes, I know this gives you a nice butt. But I’ll pass on squats anytime. That bending low with my legs apart strains my thighs a little too much for me.
    1. Cycling: It’s just boring.
    1. Push ups: What this does to my arms. I have never been a fan of push-ups ever!. My arms can’t just bear my weight and my ass makes this funny arc when I lift myself off the floor. What!?
  1. Sit ups: The one reason I hate sit ups is cause I can’t. Sit. Up. I mean it. I can’t raise my body off the floor to touch my toes. Why is it so difficult and how do gym rats do it!?

So there you have it. The five workout exercises I hate. Please share in the comment section exercises you’d rather pass at your time in the gym. By the way, I can’t wait to be ripped!!

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