Sex and Chocolate: Wildfire

We had met at church that wet Sunday morning. I sat two pews away from this tall handsome dark man. The type of dark that reminded you of chocolate. Our eyes met and it was clear what we saw in them.  Wildfire. That one that made you ignore all reason. Even as we made dinner arrangements right after service, I could see the hunger in his eyes. Hunger, I knew reflected in my smile.

And now here I am,  pinned to the wall, his legs between my thighs as his lips trail over the base of my neck. I moan as that sweet shiver traveled down my spine. He was close now, stroking my nipples with his fingers. He cupped one in his hands and nibbled softly. I felt a tingle in my lower belly and pressed my body hard against his, trailing his earlobes  with my tongue. His body tensed and I smile slyly, taking him in my hands and leading him inside me. I squeezed his ass tight,  moving my hips in time with his. Sweat and heat hung around us. It etched our breaths as we matched pace, going faster, getting deeper. I could feel it so close now.   That sweet spasm forming with each thrust. He was close too. His body tensed as we reached the peak, crashing down to catch our breathe.

“Another glass of wine?”

“For sure”


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