My List of Man’s Greatest Inventions

Pheew! Don’t we just love science and technology. Look around you and you see the results of  man’s mad imagination and bizarre creations, something I think we took from a supreme being because how else can you explain all the fantastic and weird things we have made. While we have inventions that have rocked our world in many fields; medicine, arts, education etc. There are quite a few I consider to be by far greater. You wouldn’t believe it so read on!

  1. The first invention to make my list of man’s greatest inventions is….(inserts drum roll).. Sanitary Towels. What? It’s true and you would totally relate if you are a woman. Ah! Whoever came up with the idea that women need thick cotton pads with wings that stick on your panties to hold our chums deserves the genius award all year every year. I am serious. Take it from a woman that hates periods.
  2. My second greatest invention is Deodorant. I think we underestimate and under-appreciate this invention. Well…until we walk into a crowded banking hall where the ACs are bad and there at least 30 tinges of body odor to make us puke. This invention deserves a round of applause. Argue with your ancestors!!
  3. Some of us would have dreads under our armpits without this invention. Yep you guessed right. Shaving stick and anything else in this category. Ah! I looooove this invention cause nothing beats a clean shave down there *winks*
  4. Telephones, mobile phone, walk-talkie. You catch my drift. I cannot not touch my phone in a day. This is an invention that has revolutionized mankind and how we communicate so it definitely gets the cake to be on my list.
  5. Condoms. Think about it for a second. Do you know how many stupid people we have actually prevented from being born with this invention? And we have quite a number currently coexisting with us. How many HIV/AIDs cases we have diverted not to talk of the STDs that spread before you can even say the word sex. This one belongs on my list cause sex is importandt.

So that’s my list of man’s greatest inventions. What other great inventions do you think man has made that could make my list. Would be glad to know.

P.S vibrators make the cut too. Don’t say I said.

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