ITK Corner: 5 Random African Myths

There are a lot of myths that exist in  African societies even till this day. While some may be perceived as barbaric others are just ridiculous..or maybe true

Myth 1: Female genital mutilation makes a woman chaste. I was never told this lie but there are thousands of women who have been subjected to female circumcision because societies believe the practice would curb promiscuity in women. Errrm….??

Myth 2: You get pregnant when a boy touches your breast: Hahahaha!  Had a conversation with a friend who said she thought she lost her virginity because she had shook a guy’s hand. It’s a sad lie but thankfully, we are smarter.

Myth 3: Your period has supernatural powers: Ahem! In a lot of traditional African societies, it is believed that a woman’s monthly cycle  possesses the ability to disrupt the efficacy of charms, or juju. Even people you would tag “literate” believe this myth.

Myth 4: Miss Koi Koi. This myth is constantly shared in boarding schools. Legend has it that Miss Koi Koi was once a teacher who was very popular for her red shoes and wicked attitude. One day, a group of angry students set her house on fire and she lost her son. Ever since, Miss Koi Koi haunts boarding schools in search of her son. You would often hear her heels clacking on cold tiles at night when the dorms and school grounds are quiet. ooooooh

Myth 5: Food taboo. In some cultures in Africa, eating certain foods is a taboo and an abomination to the gods. In Urhobo (where I am from), protein sources like fowls, snails (which i find very delicious), tortoise are strictly prohibited because of some supernatural attachments. Eating them comes with severe consequences.

2 thoughts on “ITK Corner: 5 Random African Myths

  1. Miss Koi Koi, hahahahahaha!!!. That one was hilarious.
    Pls what are the consequences of eating those foods in Urhobo?
    That female genital mutilation should be criminalized by law IMO.


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