My Mouth-Watering Dishes

I like food (inserts puppy face). Now I am not a junk foodie. I can’t just go grab a burger or meat pie except maybe pizza but I consider myself a lover of all things spice and whatever gets in the pan. So in getting to know me, I let you in on meals I just can’t say no to:

Fried rice: I have  a weakness for rice. I don’t know why I love it so much. And when it’s fried with some carrots, spring onions, chopped kidney/liver…yum yum yum.

Spaghetti bolognese: if I am not eating rice, I am most definitely eating pasta or anything in that variety. Meaty sauce and pasta is enough for me to do the cha cha

Banga soup and starch: If you are not Nigerian, precisely from the Niger Delta, you may not know this dish and you are most certainly missing. Banga soup is made from oil palm, native spices (I don’t think any of the spices have English names) and any protein of your choice. Sometimes you serve with fresh prawns, or isam with a hot plate of starch… oh I almost forgot the native pot (this one gives it a special taste *winks*). Amazing

Isiewu: This is an Ibo dish that is just delicious (I said that in the Ibo accent). Isiewu is goat head served in palm oil sauce. If you ever visit Nigeria, this is one meal to try. This would have you salivating especially when served in that deceitful mortar. (Tongue out to Nigerian restaurants)

Ofada rice and stew: Like I said, rice is a weakness. There was a time I ate this dish five times in a week; I shit you not. When I was younger, we called this rice Our Father Rice… just a simple way of getting the name. It is a native rice and is usually served with ofada stew which is made with  palm oil (seems to be the secret for all Nigerian dishes), meat, locust beans, peppers, crayfish and anything you just choose to garnish. Quite something.

So there are my favorite mouth watering dishes. You can check on google on how to prepare any of these. Trust me, it wont be in vain.

4 thoughts on “My Mouth-Watering Dishes

  1. I had ofada rice everyday throughout pregnancy. No kidding!
    How come no swallow made it into your list though? Then again, bangs must go with something!
    One such food to top my list is garri. It can go with any draw soup for me, ogbona or okro…now that’s yumyum.


    1. Lmao. Bangs goes with starch. I cant think of anything else that’s perfect with it. I am really not a fan of swallows. I eat those once in a while but if I were to include that on my list; then pounded yam is for sure. So good to see a fellow ofada rice partner o. At some point, I had to deliberately force myself to switch. Kai!!


  2. I haven’t tasted Spaghetti Bolognese before. However, starch and bangs stole my heart while I was in Warri some time ago. Isi ewu is mouthwatering. I think I just love goat meat. There’s something about Ofada rice and sauce. I love how the rice looks beautiful, almost pink and the leaves used to wrap the rice is a unique work of art. The sauce, when spiced appropriately, could make one eat more of the rice. Pounded yam and efo riro tastes nice too. But starch and bangs comes first for me. Lol. Fellow foodie.


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