ITK Corner: Interesting facts about the Urhobo Culture

I love to find out new stuff and during the weekend, there was just a constant nagging in my head to know more about my African roots. I am partly an Urhobo lady so this post is a little personal. I was able to unearth a few interesting facts about the Urhobo people and culture and I obviously couldn’t help but share

  1. The Urhobos believe that a man’s destiny is tied to his name and usually take a lot time before choosing a name for their child. Urhobos can name their children based on gender, thanksgiving, philosophy, colour, social status and challenges
  2. The Urhobos believe in a supreme being called Oghene (God) and the importance of Eriwvin (ancestors) in their lives. They also have other deities some of which are attributed to water, trees and animals.
  3. Ewa is a special Urhobo dance usually done by royals. It is quite complex and requires a lot fast paced movements.
  4. Urhobo political system is of two types. Gerontoracy and Monarchy. Elders and Kings play huge leadership roles in Urhobo society.
  5. The first indigenous monotheistic religion in Nigeria is Kokori originating from Urhobo with a central belief in the worship of God (Oweya) through dancing and consumption of native chalk
  6. The Urhobos share geography with other interesting tribes some of which are closely similar in culture. Isoko, Itsekiri, Ijaw and Ibo-speaking tribes.

The Urhobo tribe is a very interesting one; though not as large and widespread as the three major ethnic tribes in Nigeria. They are indeed an intriguing people.

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