Whats The Turn Off?

Have you ever had instances where you felt your partner was totally excited about getting down and then they just switch off? Sex isn’t always as it’s painted. It is easy for your partner to get turned off even you are quite comfortable with each other. So what’s the turn off? It usually depends on a person’s sexual preference after all one man’s meat as they say; but there are a few things that make your partner disinterested in the action:

  1. Bad Hygiene: Bad hygiene is a major turn off and can ruin sexual possibilities faster than you can say halitosis.
  2.  Nothing spoils the action than an unresponsive partner. No matter what you do or where you touch; they are just silent. Your partner wants to feel he or she is doing the right thing so moan a little; enjoy it. It’ll turn your partner on!
  3. No spice; nothing nice. Your lack of seduction can be a total turn off. Some people just don’t know how to flirt or spice things up. Don’t make it a routine. Be creative and do things that trigger your partner’s senses. Make them want you.
  4. Your ex is off limits. Do Not!; I repeat, Do Not! talk about your ex while being intimate with your partner. This is a guarantee spoiler
  5. Confidence. It is sexy. No matter how your body looks to you; carry it. Love it! Flaunt it!. Confidence in yourself is attractive; its appealing. And when you don’t have it; it can be a major turn off
  6. Lastly; listen. You partner maybe turned off because of something beyond your control. It could be psychological, or even medical. Learn to pay attention to your partner and listen to what their responses are. After all, it takes two to tango!

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