My Best Shows To Binge Watch

Weekends are for me. I am pretty selfish with the things I get up to during the weekends so it’s no  surprise that most Saturdays and Sundays; I am laying in bed binge watching TV or scrolling through my Instagram (yes, I am an addict). For me, my house is my canvas and I can decide to do whatever I want which includes cancelling plans I’ve already made during the week; reading, coloring or just about anything. But this post is not  about my weekend activities. It is about the TV shows that absolutely get me hooked I can’t even stand to get a good leak (covers face) and yes, I want you to binge watch my shows too so legoo:

  1. The first TV show on my list is Netflix’s The Crown. I watched this series all night from  Friday through Saturday morning and it is the beeeesssst! At least if you love a splash of history, romance and boujee high class British shenanigans then this show would interest you. It’s about the early years of the Queen’s rule. How she succeeded her father and the events that made her ruler-ship unique. Outstanding. After watching this I  felt inspired.
  2. Second on my binge list is Judge Judy. She’s badass and watching her dismantle people’s treachery and cunningness is just hilarious. She’s assertive, smart, old-fashioned and unbiased. This I watch all Saturday and Sunday afternoons while eating cereal and rice.
  3. Have you seen Tribe? If you haven’t please do unless you can’t stomach the sight of seeing someone eat roaches. I totally recommend this show because it is really educative and insightful. This young British Royal Marine; Bruce Parry visits ancient tribes and learns their ways and culture. It is from this I learnt about the Suri’s and Sanema. You get to see the interesting religion, food and way of life of people so remote from Urbanisation.
  4. A Crime to Remember. There’s something about murder. Something dangerous, weird and curious about it. So it’s no wonder I am hooked on ID extra following this series. A Crime to Remember is quite interesting cause very peculiar, bizarre and old murders are told in this captivating style I simply cannot get enough of.
  5. Archer!!!. This American adult animated sitcom would have you laughing your ass out. It was created by Adam Reed and its about secret agents that are not only dysfunctional but insane. Sterling Archer (the main character) is handsome and in some cases obnoxious. Lol…I absolutely love it!!

So you can check out these shows and let me know which you have seen and which you love to binge watch. Cheers!!!


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