My Weekend Shenanigans

See, I can never be the Minister for enjoyment if such position ever pops up but even a person suffering from the worst case of introversion knows that a little fun in life never hurt anyone….especially me.

So this weekend, I decided to attend a colleague’s wedding. I had everything planned out. My dress, my shoes and even my makeup. The wedding was slated for Saturday with the reception starting at 2:00pm. To a typical Nigerian that is 3:00pm African man time. I decided I would hit the gym first, then on my way back home, I would stop at the salon to fix up my hair after which I would then get dressed for the wedding. A perfect plan, at least I thought it was until my hairdresser decided not to show up at the salon on time…first fuck up. When I finally got hold of her, she spent 2 hours fixing a damn wig for another customer…I was fuming! The perfectionist in me almost broke down in tears as I watched 2:00pm clock on my watch and I was still in the salon. To cut the long story short, I got to wedding when jollof had finished and my colleagues had started leaving. Darn!

Anyhoo, yours truly could not let her outfit waste after all, I was looking like a bag of money. So I called a friend who I haven’t seen in a while and he invited me to the after party of another wedding. Is this not Lagos? Party full everywhere. This was music to my ears. At last I would eat jollof.

We arrived the venue of the after party which was same as the reception for the wedding. A great number of the wedding guests had left but quite a few still stayed to enjoy the remnants of the day. Mind you, I did not know who the bride or the groom was but all I can say is that the after party was lit! It started with small chops, then jollof and chicken, then sharwama and when I thought it couldn’t get any better, small plates filled with suya landed on our table. Haba! Haba! After that, there was Asun. Henny and coke made the rounds as we started grinding to the back to back hits the DJ just kept dishing. We went from a banana going international, to unleashing dragons, and even a drop of “Comment tu t’apppelle, qui moi?” The guy did not disappoint us. I was so full, I could feel the puff puff rolling in stomach but who cared when shaku shaku needed to be danced. My weekend shenanigans ended with a small get together at friend’s place where I got to drool over and pet his beautiful Lhasa dogs and drink more henney. For an introvert, a little fun once in while keeps you happy. *winks*

4 thoughts on “My Weekend Shenanigans

  1. I’m a Documentary Photographer, and recently I have been writing stories to back up my images. But because I was never a writer,it seemed like it wasn’t perfect enough.. Like my stories weren’t all that professional.. “Perfectionist traits”…but checking out your site, just gave me some type of inspiration.. Really glad I found your site. Really nice peace of work..


    1. Oooh I am sorry for responding late. I am just seeing this. Good to know my work inspired you!!. Do keep on writing no matter how small, its something that grows with practice and don’t be too hard on yourself. I would like to see your photographs as i have a thing for documentaries. Yaay!


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