I am quite excited about giving a review on this book because it is the debut novel of one my favorite musical artiste – OlawaleOlofor’o aka Brymo and he did this book justice.

Brymo is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and now,author with hit songs “Ara”, “Eko” “Happy Memories” spanning five albums.

His debut novel; Oriri’s Plight is a fiction work centered on the adventures and exploration of a Nubian man in the dark ages. Oriri, a young man, leaves the comfort of Abwari – his homeland- to face many adversities and mysteries before becoming the King of Uzi Kingdom. Oriri discovers savage settlements,slavers, and bandits on the continent in search of a light in his dreams. It is this dream of light that fuels Oriri’s desires to seek the Kingdom of Uzi where he becomes the crowned King.

Brymo’s description of medieval Africa is an exploratory and imaginative piece. The mode of transportation, level of civilization, trade,clothing of each settlement Oriri encounters on his journey to “the place where the light is” were all detailed in a way that the reader begins to imagine the African continent before colonization. This book I believe aims to teach the reader of how diverse and multifaceted the African continent was before the colonial era and also correct the idea that Africa and Africans were backward and devoid of any form of civilization. There were tribes who still ate human flesh, tribes that had discovered copper, others that had found fire – all explored through the eyes and adventures of Oriri.

The reader learns about the intricate details of a Nubian man touching on his religion, sexuality, quest for survival, relationship with nature and his fellow man through this book.

As a debut novel, Brymo does deserve accolades for how he tells this in a simple and easy to understand language style. Definitely a must read!


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