Weekend Shenanigans; A Basket Weaving Class

One of my goals for 2019 is to invest in experiences which in turn I believe would lead to a better self exploration, and love. So when I saw the ad on @unravellingnigeria’s page on IG for a basket weaving class, I rushed it like it was a bag of candy.

I had planned for this class with excitement and I was really looking forward to it. Not only was I going learn something new, I was opening my mind and heart to meet new people and make fresh connections. As an introvert, I find it difficult to connect sometimes with people but 2019 is the year to leave Miss Shy behind and take Miss Bold on.

I got to the venue very much on time and the first thing I loved instantly was the decor. Local colored mats littered the floor, with free basket woven handbags filled with sweets and kulikuli for treats for take home. We were also given our own work tools and a stack of fronds for the weaving.

Now I love arts and craft and I love anything woven. Before the class, I always wondered how the weavers would make such intricate designs and spectacular products. Well, its not as easy as you’d think. Four hours in and I had only done a small sized basket base shaped like a coaster and by 4:30pm I could only manage to do four rows. My thumbs hurt, my back ached but my instructor had just finished a basket he started 30 mins ago!

Well, I am no weaver let alone a professional one but learning the craft let me to appreciate the works of a weaver’s hand. It was simply splendid.

The day went by well. We (mostly women of course) chatted, sipped homemade cocktails, ate small chops and jollof, nodded to to the jams from our LG outdoor speaker all the while poking and withdrawing reeds. At the end it was a weekend well spent.

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