Flash Fiction – Wipe Out

“Agent Hex?”

I looked up from the robo-cleaner I had picked interest in.

“Yes Astrid”

“There’s a new mission. You might want to check your com-pad”

Sure enough, on my com-pad was a brief mission prompt:

“Light House Eradication. Structure: Complete Wipe Out”.

I sighed. Another day to go a’killing. I quickly proceeded to get my ammo cleared at the checkout counter while also adjusting my Bantu knots in the reception mirror.

“Why would they want to wipe out Light House? Isn’t that the birth place of all their experiments?” Astrid asked.

Unlike Astrid who was hundred percent human, I was the first ebony AI fight-machine in Co. Corps. My program was run to follow instructions and hence, I was unable to share in his sentiments. I shot him a non-nonchalant look. He shrugged and said;

“You’re going to get your suit dirty”

Light House is the pristine skyscraper independent laboratory owned and controlled by Co. Corps . Independent because their activities were top secret and were located at the outskirts of Orange City. We arrived in a cable cab that ran across the city through Light House. Glass windows glistened in the harsh afternoon sun as Astrid and I walked into the luxurious lounge. I wrinkled my nose at the jasmine distillers and cascading water fall in the middle of the reception.

“Hello, How may I..!?

I cut the receptionist off with a single shot to the forehead. Her brains spattered all over her white desk. The alarms went off and there was chaos. Armed security came swarming through glass doors on either side of the reception. They were no match for me though. With two machine guns and a rugged partner; dead bodies soon piled up in a red puddle. There were blood streaks on my dark skin and my grey suit.

“Shit!” I cursed as we stormed into the laboratory center. It was filled to the top with stacks of ongoing experiments. Weird creatures floated in green disgusting liquids. I shot the lab attendant in the eye and gave two shots to his head just to be sure he was dead. Just then my ammo got knocked off. Another attendant had emerged from a back room unnoticed. He immediately slammed my back against the metal cages. My system rattled. I pushed him off with a hard kick to the groin and when I raised him by the collar of his scrubs; I punched him until there was nothing but blood and lymph in his disfigured face. It was then that I saw her…

Crouched in the corner of the brightly-lit lab by the backdoor was a girl. I could guess she was not more than eight. I looked over to see Astrid fighting off two attendants. He was clearly preoccupied. I quickly walked over to her, my gun outstretched and pointing. Her big eyes looked right into mine and I could see she was frightened. For the first time, I was unsure of pulling the trigger.

“I’m going to give you two minutes. Two minutes to run through the back door and out of sight. If in two minutes you can’t make; I’d have to kill you. Do you understand?”

With a weak nod, I watched her rush out. Astrid appeared at my shoulder just as the door closed shut. I sighed. My gun was still outstretched and my hands shaky.

“Are you alright? Did you miss something?”

“Astrid,” I said, ignoring his question and walking out of the bloodied lab room, “Call in the sweepers. Our job here is done”

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