Dearest Edna

To my dearest Edna.

I hope this letter meets you well sister. Since you left, the house has never been the same. Yes, Kampala is still the same with its rush hour traffic and the very persistent noise of ‘boda boda’ and yet, it is not like when you were here. I still picture us together in mother’s balcony pretending to hear the pumping beats of Lake Victoria but my picture is incomplete without you. I miss you so much sister Edna and I cannot understand why you have to go overseas even though mother has explained tirelessly that it is for the search of a better life; a good education and a better paying job for us to live well. But our lives were near-perfect and I would trade the best education in the world to see you again. Mother feels it too even though she pretends not to. Last week her phone had developed a simple fault and she had exclaimed “Ah! If Edna were here, she would fix it” like you are a phone technician.

Just last night I had helped her set up the new video console and she kept complaining about how slow I was and that if you were here, it would’ve been done faster. I don’t know which is worse – dealing with her alone or dealing with your absence. I would be going to the Museum this Sunday for a school trip and I am so looking forward to it. For one I would be seeing amazing history and another – Sanyu would be coming too. You know how I feel about him. Maybe I would ask him to share in my lunch; maybe.

Did you know that when I read in your last letter that you had painted your new bedroom in the states with a pink shade, I had quickly asked mother to do same to mine. I would do anything to keep your presence alive here and I would take care of mother like I promised even though we both know she can be a handful. I will write about my Sunday trip in my next letter. For now I would have to end it here as my eyes are beginning to twitch.

I look forward to your next letter sister Edna.

From your loving sister and with plenty kisses,


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