Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide

Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide – written by Nigerian novelist Elnathan John (because only a Nigerian can throw Nigerians under the bus); is a satire on the different types of Nigerians you are most likely to meet home and abroad. From hilarious comments on “How to be a Mechanic” to an eye-opening and somewhat chilling commentary on “How to own a slave”.

Elnathan sheds light on the Nigerian character in politics, religion, love and social situations in such a way that you would end up rolling over your bed in laughter. Published by Cassava Republic with an eye-catching cover; this book would leave you wondrous at the mentality of the most populated black nation in the world. I highly recommend the book is read in parts because it is after all a guide to be Nigerianized. If you are wondering what makes a Nigerian thick; then this is the book for you. If you’re Nigerian and would want to find out the hilarity and horror within your nation and its people – this book is definitely for you (In fact it is a book for all Nigerians). Underneath the satire and entertaining reveals is the need for Nigerians to do and be better.

Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide is Elnathan John’s second book. His debut novel, Born on a Tuesday, won a Betty Trask Award. He is currently one of the judges for the 2019 Man Booker International Prize.

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