Book Review: Nine Hours Till Five

It’s a new book review guys!!! – and I’ll be writing on my latest read “Nine Hours Till Five” by Margaret Adetimehin

Margaret Adetimehin is the latest author in town with her debut novel “Nine Hours Till Five”. She is a Relationship Manager expert and a writing enthusiast whose passion spans content creation, sales, social media management and business development. She loves reading and finger combing her Afro which she absolutely adores!! As always, I’ll try not to give too many spoilers.

So back to the book. Nine Hours Till Five tells the tale of a young lady; Oluwafunmilayo Zimuzochukwu Onalaja , who is fresh out of school and is tossed by the National Youth Service Corps Program to serve in the city of Kano and after setting goals and plans to achieve the dream of being an independent business woman with her friend Ada. Things change when an unsavory turn of events lead her right back to the ever congested, polluted and saturated city of Lagos. Funmi is a SMART woman or so it seems at first. She’s very ambitious, passionate and hardworking and sets her eyes to become much more than a 9-5iver until of course she lands her first job with a boss that has no iota of empathy, meager pay and a lonely office that could drive the most sane person to bits!! Well, like most fresh graduates in Nigeria looking for how to fend for themselves after school and after much pain-staking job interviews, she accepts the offer – taking each day as it comes with the consolation that she’s at least getting experience until she gets a new job offer. She’s pretty excited about her new place of work but soon learns that all is not as it seems.

Its a a tale for fresh graduates, students and anyone who’s really looking at starting their own business and pursuing their personal career goals with wonderful tips and insights from “How to write a good CV” to “Setting SMART goals”. This book is full and rich with them and I loved it!

I’m going to write about what I loved about the book and what I didn’t quite like (this is my personal opinion). First, the author is a fantastic writer and I absolutely love the main character for how she portrays the core values of hard work, passion and ambition which I think any fresh graduate would need in this society. I also like the little tips and bits of advice Funmi pens down in the book. (yes, I already mentioned that) but really that was a highlight for me. It’s a career/business guide that isn’t quite like a guide cause it wasn’t boring and the mix with fiction was engaging and entertaining. The writer shows us – through Funmi’s eyes – the challenges any young, fresh graduate could face in Nigeria and I like that it was realistic cause God knows job hunting in this country is not beans. From sending numerous CVs, to meeting crooks posed as recruiters or even real recruiters that would take advantage of a young lady/man in desperate need for a job – its a tough cycle and Margaret tells an intriguing tale of it all. The book cover is absolutely unique and appealing and the characters’ relationship were woven in such a way that you do feel like you’re “seeing” the book especially the relationship between Funmi and her brother.

Now…what I didn’t quite like. While the book cover is so nice, the fonts were tiny; maybe too tiny for me. Also, the story ended a bit abruptly. I was still enjoying it and then…it was over. It got me thinking that there might be a sequel which would be AWESOME!!! Also, the interviews Funmi had with the OAP was quite good but I wished there could be more to that story even though it did give us some insights on who Funmi morphed into later. Is there a story there? I hope so. There were also bits of the story I wanted to uncover. Like – was Funmi’s first boss trying to get her into a romantic date with him while posing as a female alias on Facebook? Was he the one or was that just another character who was too forward with her online conversations?

For me, this book is worth reading and there are lessons to take which I think every book should leave a reader with. Be ambitious. Be Passionate. Life is unexpected so prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Never ever give up. Be SMART about your life plans. Be open to learning even in tough situations. So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy from or and you can find out more about Margaret and Nine Hours Till Five here:

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