Wings Of The Night Sky – My Debut Novel

When I was tapping away on my keyboard for this story, I would never have thought it possible that I would gather such “liver” to publish this story. It’s still quite surreal to me and everyday, I am excited, anxious and feel a pool of different emotions right up to its release.

My first born…my starting point is out for grabs guys!!! Yes, my own debut novel “Wings of The Night Sky” is out and I’m dying with excitement.

Wings of the Night Sky is an adventure fantasy story – When Omiete answers the call that takes her on a journey to the magical kingdom of Aondo, she is faced with a new reality and purpose – to rescue the Guardian of the Keepers who protect the Kingdom in the sky and ultimately defeat the evil Dadan and his horde of shetani who constantly threaten to plunge it and the real world into darkness. Omiete is faced with mind chilling vampire creatures, cunning spiders, and soul sucking mbala. As she unites with the  Keepers and her animal guide, she learns she must master her guide and her ehi to defeat the darkness. Most of all, she must tackle self doubt and crippling fear. Omiete finds friendship and innocent love in the chaos.
Wings of the Night Sky is an imaginative piece for young adults and teenagers who in one way, are faced with life’s adventures – telling them there is a will in their fear.

This story was birthed from a conversation I had with my neighbors about superstitions. I had remembered the one where our parents would warn us that if we heard our names in the dark, we shouldn’t answer cause it was a spirit that was calling. It was like a light bulb turned on in my head and I had a prompt. I wrote it down and a few months down the line I’m thinking – “Wait a minute! There’s a story here!” and that’s how it started. However, it morphed into much more than a story about superstitions. It became about me telling people that life is ever changing. That life comes with adventures; some of which are positive- others negative and how these affects us in ways we could barely imagine. It also became about telling the African story which is magic in itself. Our people, language, culture, mythology and wildlife are so rich and unique and I wanted to tell it. This story has interesting African beasts and I am proud to be one of those authors putting our mythical creatures on a global scale – after all, we did share the stories of lady koi koi, mammy water in our dormitories and over lunch in school. Wings of the Night Sky also became a story about our wildlife. Although we have treated wildlife with superstitions, they are still a part of our ecosystem and by extension our traditional African belief system. This story is rich with them and as someone who loves animals, it’s an element to watch out for.

Lastly, this story morphed into a symbol of personal struggles. We all feel fear, anxiety and desperation. At a point, we are doubting our abilities and are scared of the unknown but in the end I want my readers to leave thinking : It’s okay to be afraid, to doubt yourself but you must know that you capable of achieving”.

Wings Of The Night Sky is available on and we are working to make sure it hits various online platforms. Please stay tuned and keep watching this space. Light and love to you all!!

If you have read “Wings of The Night Sky”, please drop a comment in the comment section XOXO

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