Trailing Spec205 – Part III

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I paid the pod-cab 400 quid and alighted at The Polar. The holding facility for Omar Space relations offenders loomed over me with its see through windows dark and empty. I skimmed through the back and let myself In. I came face to face with two armed security, their laser guns pointed at my head- the herburg straddling my shoulder. I had taken some time to feed it nuts on our way and he was quite attached now.

“Hands in the ai-“

It happened in a flash – the way the herburg dropped and shape shifted into a half alien humanoid with rows of sharp teeth and a disfigured head. The officer shot at it but it just sucked all that laser and fired back. In an instant, there was just a charred body where he stood. The other one had just buzzed the alarm when the herburg appeared behind him; sticking long sharp claws into his guts. There was a trail of urine and blood. I couldn’t care for it. I picked up the now small herburg unto my shoulders and took the lift.

As the lift doors slid open, there were more armed security than I could count. I shot my hands up in the air but one very overzealous officer fired a single shot. That was all it took. The herburg moved in an invisible mist, slitting throats and clawing at jaws. I shot two incoming officers and watched the blood seep into the marble. Soon, a heap of bodies littered the second floor. We moved down the hall.

“Raj, bringing it here is a mistake.” My heart dropped when I heard my father’s voice. It was coming from the Breach office at the end of the hall. The door was an inch ajar and I could see Raj standing over the table.

“We wanted a research that would blow the minds of people and we had to take the subject by force. Come on Hamzah, don’t be a chicken now”

“We didn’t take it, we stole it and Utarion isn’t going to find it the least amusing if they realiz-“

“So you stole it!?” I asked, stepping into room, guns pointed at Mr. Raj first, then my dad. They held their hands in the air.


“They’re too scared to come.” I snapped. Mr Raj looked really frightened but it was when in one swift motion, he pulled out a laser beam gun and fired that I realized I was wrong. The laser beam missed me by a mere inch to burn a tiny hole in the wall.

“Raj, you were-“

“This one is a meddling kid Hamzah!” he spat; “She’s part of the problem!”

“I’m going to give you a minute Raj” my voice was hoarse. “On the count of three, drop your weapon!”

He sneered, “Or what?”. His sneer quickly changed to horror as the herburg transformed into that half alien humanoid. It swooped towards him and held him up by the neck, squeezing until Mr Raj’s struggling hands stiffened and fell to his side. The herburg dropped him in heap and turned to my dad; waiting.

He was clearly freaked out and shaken when he stuttered; ‘Tell him no..not…I’ll do anything you want”

I smiled, eyeing him. “Now that I have you by the balls, I might as well”

“Send a recommendation to Regulations Head for Salim, clear his name from Polar records and request his immediate release…” I ordered, trying to mask my elation as my father requested his AI assistant to draw up the recommendations on his pad. It was only when he said “Send” , that I dropped my gun. “And one more thing, the herburg must be taken back to Utarion or else I`ll report this to interplanetary tribunal and have you arrested.”

I held his gaze, matching those hard eyes and added, “You know I can do it. Don’t test me”.

My father sighed in defeat and pressed the buzzer as the herburg transformed. I set Spec205 in a wired cage and dropped it on the table feeling satisfied.

I was waiting impatiently outside the Polar as regulations officers moved the herburg into a van and towards Omar Space Corps for package transfer. The entrance doors swung open and there was Salim walking towards me in long strides.

“You killed officers!”

“That’s not a thank you and I only killed two in self defence! The herburg did the rest” I said, stepping up to him. I looked into those eyes and then I told him about the baby.

“You’re just like your father. Stubborn, unrelenting, freaking annoy-“

I shrugged and kissed him. “Makes you want me more”


I laughed.

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