10 Things To Love About Norway

This post should’ve come in earlier but a lot of things have been going on back to back, I am only just getting to it now. So I’ll say “Thank You” to everyone that follows and reads my posts. You guys are the real MVPs.

I had traveled to Norway for a long vacation/holiday/leave…lol after three times of trying to visit my mum and getting bounced at the embassy (It’s the green passport, what can I say). But after three failed attempts, my visa was granted, through an attorney. I was uber-elated to finally get to see Norway and my mother. Yaaaay! It was a great trip, I visited a lot of places, shopped, ate, slept and it was all worth it.

Norway is a beautiful country known for its fjords mountains, breathtaking landscapes with one of the longest and rugged coastlines in Europe. Its a pretty long country but with a population of about 5 million people. The Kingdom of Norway is a constituted Monarchy with it’s capital in Oslo. But it still wouldn’t complete if I don’t share my travel experience with you. So, here are 10 thing to like about Norway.

  1. The Museums: Norway, especially Oslo has great historical museums that record the progress and evolution of the people from as far back as 523 A.D. No kidding! From the open museum that records the development of housing of the Nordic community from the 60’s to the 80’s, to the Viking museum showcasing excavated life sized viking ships and ornaments, all preserved for the throng of tourists trooping in and out of the country. Perhaps the most impressive is the Fram Museum which was awarded the “Best museum in Norway” with the original expedition ship documenting the lives of Nansen Fridtjof and crew who were bold enough to explore the Polar.
  2. Transportation: For someone coming from Lagos where the roads are froth with potholes, road users with no regard for traffic laws and poor transportation infrastructure; it was a relief to experience Norway’s transport system. Road users have the option to drive, walk, take a tram or a train, a bus or hire scooters or bicycles. Talk about options!!
  3. Recycle! Recycle!: Norway takes recycling seriously as do many developed nations. It’s almost a culture to exchange your plastic bottles for rewards, sort your cartons and plastic bags from food waste and up-cycle as much as you can.
  4. Landscapes: Norway is beautiful (full stop). Breathtaking landscapes that span acres of green grass, pine trees, mountains with their smoky tops and clean water that flow in silver rivulets. You can smell the green in the air. Its fresh, its clean, its just beautiful. I especially love their love for flowers. Violets, daffodils, sunflowers, roses. Take me back!!
  5. Waterfalls: Among the beautiful green, are the waterfalls. On my trip, I visited one of the most impressive of all waterfalls, I have ever seen – The Laksforsen. Its situated just near Mosjoen and such a massive body of water that rolls and bubbles.
  6. Food: I’m not adventurous with food but I had no problems with Norway’s love for potatoes. Baked, fried, boiled, mashed, I ate it all. One thing though; my step-father makes the best Farikal (National dish for Norway). It’s a mix of carrot, cabbage and lamb in a sauce and guess what you eat it with…yup! Potatoes!
  7. Fitness: Although fitness is an individual decision, I love how communities encourage the lifestyle. Mountain climbing, zip lining, and walking are all the ways a fitness enthusiast can keep the body pumped. I enjoyed visiting the gym four times a week with my mum. Helped to keep the tummy pouch in check. *wink*
  8. Malls and Marts: Okay this is not an adventurous item since we have malls and marts in Lagos but I just enjoyed waddling behind my mum and stepdad whilst we checked out food prices, new mirrors and furniture. Oh, there was the one time we visited the chocolate factor with free chocolates customers could pick from the buck and the candle shop that made candles from scratch. They had this American ranch theme going on, – there was even a life sized bull. Important to note that things are quite expensive in Norway.
  9. Community Events: It’s a small country when you consider population but they still manage to come together in small town events. I attended a trade-fair in Mosjoen and the entire town came out to set up shop and eat or drink.
  10. Bars: Okay, nightlife in Norway is nothing compared to Lagos. Lagos has a lot going but there’s one thing that you can’t miss in the country. Bars! I didn’t visit any, but I passed by a couple that advertised cold Irish beer.

Is Norway recommended for vacations, baecations? Yes!Yes! but hold your money though cause things ain’t cheap.

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