Book Review: Hell Hath No Fury

Hey Dear!

Its been a minute but I’m always glad that i get around to posting awesome stories and reviews here as much as I can! I hope you’ve been safe by the way, because this year has been dramatic and downright; meh!

Okay, on to some good news. I and nineteen other fantastic female writers have just released an African Christmas Anthology – Hell Hath No Fury!!! Yaaaaaay!!! *throws confetti*

Here’s a snippet of what the book is about:

‘From the shores of Lagos to the busy streetlights of Los Angeles. Featuring remarkable heroines, navigating the buzzing nightlife of Nairobi, irresistible heroes and dark England Knights. Twenty authors weave tales surrounding Christmas romance brimming with sizzling passion, forgiveness and jollof rice!”

Pheeeew!! Talk about hot and spicy.

Now this is not an announcement post. Like the title suggests, this is a review. Yup. A REVIEW.

For this book, I’ll be reviewing one of the anthologies by an amazing writer….*drum roll*…

“LOATHING” By Timi Waters

Timi Waters is a West African writer and author of ‘The Red Line Trilogy’. She is also the creator of a virtual library – Thoughts Unshed – where she chronicles thoughts and events relating to sexual, psychological and emotional traumas. Her books are available on Amazon KDP,, Rakuten, Kobo, When she’s not writing, she’s sipping hot chocolate drinks and reading classical novels.

The Synopsis – Preye Wilcox, the only daughter of a food production billionaire, had a Gucci wrapped life, a trust fund, and a company to resume whenever she was ready. In a bid to test her mettle and work her way up the food chain like everyone else, Preye relinquished her place at her father’s company and took on a role as an intern in Jitech, an IT firm. On her first day of resumption, she met Ayiba. A 6’3 buff male who stole her breath at first glance, charmed her with his captivating good looks, and made clear his sexual attraction to her. But, beneath Ayiba’s compelling looks and polish exterior was a deep-seated aversion that Preye soon discovered her new job title at Jitech unleashed; the role of being his boss.

Loathing starts on a very dramatic note. The first sentence has you wondering “What happened?” and Timi goes on to tell a tale of heated passion, manipulation and vengeance.

It sheds light on what impact the actions of betrayal can have on the emotions and psych of the receiver and how it is possible for people to fall so stupidly in love that they hang on every thread of the word. While i reflect on Preye’s story, I have an ‘she should’ve known better’ moment but I quickly understand, through Timi’s writing that love is not infatuation and the latter can be naïve, inexperienced and deadly. Preye takes from Ayiba, the very thing he cherished, misused and disrespected and I smile at the revenge because he deserved it…lol.

Its a thrilling book that bares disloyalty, deception, and renewed life open like a can of worms for all to see. Loathing is a must read and its available with nineteen other stories on: Hell Hath No Fury.

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