If you are reading this, just know I am somewhere screaming “Welcome To My Blog!!!!!”.

So here’s a short piece on what this blog is about and a little history too. Well…I started this blog in 2016 and I had 12 posts that only five people read (covers face in shame). I never posted frequently because honestly, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted this blog to go. I had started with short stories but writer’s block is a biatch. A lack of motivation and creativity mixed with a dash of growing up can make you skip on the things you should focus on. Now it is 2018, and I am on a journey to revamp my life and this blog as well. That’s why there’s different categories covering things that interest me.

#ITK Corner is I Too Know and this category explores the geeky and knowledge seeking side of me, bringing random relevant and irrelevant information on world history, household tips and tricks, life hacks etc for your reading pleasure.

Book Review is the category that offers an objective review on a book with recommendations.

Get To Know Me is getting to know me. I’ll talk about anything that concerns me….maybe

Omojessikat’s Writing Prompts are for those aspiring writers looking for quotes or prompts to trigger their writing fingers

Sex and Chocolate: Who doesn’t love sex and chocolate. We’ll share short stories on love, sex and all that.

Flash Fictions: From Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance…just name it!

So there you have it. My five top categories covering what this blog is all about. Now lets rock this page!!!

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