I wouldn’t even lie. All I think about is HIM! Its an all consuming linger in my mind. I mean the thought of him. When I wake, it is his voice I want to hear first. This unholy lust Why can’t I get you out of mind? Why have you invaded the veined spaces of… Read More HIM

Raging Sea

Let’s make love like the raging sea. At first, we are but gentle ripples pushing against the wind. Higher and higher, faster and faster A crescendo to the beats of our one body. Turning, Twirling, Lightning, Thunder Until the waves comes crashing down, and the sea of passion rages in our bowels. Faster and Faster… Read More Raging Sea

Hot Tub Rub

I lowered myself in the hot bubbly water, a glass of wine in hand and a Marvin Gaye love song blasting from speakers. The perfect setup for a sexual feeling. I gently squeezed my breasts; my senses aroused my the warm heat. I spread my legs over the tub, caressing my thighs before gently stroking… Read More Hot Tub Rub