The Hairdresser

I sat on the white plastic chair, staring at the thick black mass that was my hair when she walked in. I readied myself for the usual and she did not disappoint. Like every hairdresser before her she exclaimed, “Ehn? Is this real? Is this your hair?

Book Review: I Do Not Come To You By Chance

I Do Not Come To You By Chance is a contemporary story set in Nigeria highlighting the reality of email scams and wire fraud. It tells the story of Kingsley Ibe, a young Nigerian graduate whose intelligence and exceptional degree has earned him no place in the pool of Nigeria’s employed.

In The Mind III

This poem is dedicated to all who are battling with the cold hands of depression. You are not alone.

In The Mind

This is dedicated to mental health awareness and care. You matter! Think! Think! Think! All my mind does is think! … More


The woman’s voice laments Clothed in  misery It is but a sorrowful dirge Somewhere above ,a raven calls – Spirits … More